Adam Baldwin with special guest Mariel Buckley

Saturday, October 26, 2024
8:00 PM / West End Cultural Centre
Singer songwriter Adam Baldwin brings a certain honesty to a show. There’s something about this Nova Scotian artist and the piano keys. It just hits. Maybe you first heard him in his set on CBC’s Q with Tom Power. Maybe you tuned in during his pandemic streamed concerts, the Chin Up Sessions, or maybe you checked him out after his numerous East Coast Music Award wins. Wherever that first listen happens, Adam’s east coast storytelling, Americana sound, and unguarded vulnerability just ring true. His most recent release, Concertos & Serenades, takes perspective on his Atlantic home and its many characters.

“I feel like a lot of these stories just kinda flew in on the west wind off Porter's Lake or off the Atlantic Ocean here,” Baldwin says. “And there's a lot of stories to be told. Just from livin' out here, some of the people you meet - there're some hard, hard men and women out here who worked their asses off out on the ocean for decades. They're different types of people, man, and they’ve got different stories to tell, and I felt like they'd been left out of our song writing tradition for a few years.”

Clarity is one of Adam’s gifts, but there’s no rose coloured glasses here. With Adam’s songs it’s more like he’s seeing his life and his home through a broken lens. We see all the cracks, both the light and the dark. Come hear for yourself, it’s gonna be great.

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